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Printed Anti-slip Long Mat


- High-quality materials: Made of high-quality polyester material, it has good wear resistance, it is not easy to mold, it is waterproof, oil-proof, antifouling, dustproof and easy to clean.

- Non-slip back:

high-quality latex at the bottom, cross texture, abrasion resistance.
Easy to care for: simply wipe with a damp cloth or sponge, use a common household cleaner or remove dirt and dust.

- 10 mm thick design:

does not affect the door switch, and the padded pad surface is soft and comfortable, does not affect the position in the kitchen.

- Unique design:

exquisite, simple and elegant surface design, not only can provide a warm decoration for the family, the kitchen, but also provides more fun to your cooking time.


- Material: Polyester
- Shape: Rectangle
- Size:
50x80cm (19.68" x 31.5")
50x120cm (19.68" x 47.24")
50x150cm (19.68" x 59.06")
40x60cm and 40x120cm (15.74" x 23.62" and 15.74" x 47.24")
50x80cm and 50x120cm (19.68" x 31.5" and 19.68" x 47.24")
50x80cm and 50x150cm (19.68" x 31.5" and 19.68" x 59.06")

Package Includes:

- Kitchen Mat x 1


- Machine washable (best to use hand wash mode) or hand wash, thin design to fit under doors.